How ‘The Singles’ will look around the world

One of the coolest parts of this whole I-wrote-a-novel thing has been getting to see the book’s many covers.

The Singles will be sold in Italy, Germany, the UK, China, and Brazil over the next year or two, and every few months I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a new book cover featuring another artist’s take on the story.

Penguin’s gorgeous American cover was designed by Melissa Jacoby. I love it because it reflects the mood of the book, because the type is just so pretty, and because the woman sitting in that golden chair reminds me of my very attractive colleague at The Boston Globe, Yvonne Abraham.

The Singles: North American book cover

Last month, German publisher Heyne Verlag sent over its own cover for the book and I just can’t stop looking at it. It borrows from a darker storyline in the novel and as you can probably guess, it’s not called “The Singles” over there. I’ve been told by my German-speaking friends that Besser so als anders means something like “It’s better this way” or “Better like this than like that.” It’s a fitting expression for my date-less wedding guests. If you speak German and can give me a better translation, please do. The novel comes out in Germany in August. I’m pondering a trip there to celebrate.

The Singles: German book cover

As for the UK cover, it’s a party, isn’t it? It borrows from some of the more amusing parts of the story, and it makes me giggle. The Wedding Guests, as it will be called over there, comes out in June. Makes me want to go over there too and celebrate with a martini (and cake on the floor).

The Singles: UK book cover

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