Meredith Goldstein is an advice columnist and features reporter for The Boston Globe.

She also writes books.

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Meredith Goldstein is an advice columnist and entertainment reporter for The Boston Globe. Her advice column, Love Letters, is a daily dispatch of wisdom for the lovelorn that has been running online and in the paper for eight years. Meredith’s first novel, The Singles (2012), was about a group of dateless guests at a wedding. In 2018 she’ll release two books: “Can’t Help Myself: Lessons and Confessions From a Modern Advice Columnist,” a memoir (Grand Central), and Chemistry Lessons (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), a young adult novel about a young woman who uses science to manipulate her love life.


Can't Help Myself: Lessons and Confessions From A Modern Advice Columnist is available April 3, 2018. The book is a memoir/letter collection based on Meredith's popular column in The Boston Globe. Chapters include stories about work romances, millennial friends, sickness and health, and grilled cheese.

Chemistry Lessons

Chemistry Lessons will be released by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt on June 19, 2018.

Meredith’s debut novel follows the only five dateless guests at a fancy Maryland wedding. Those unattached characters include a misbehaving bridesmaid, the bride’s creepy uncle, and the guy who doesn’t bother to show up because he never bought his plane ticket. The Singles was published in the UK, France, Brazil, China, Italy, and Germany, where it was called Besser so als anders (rough translation: Better this than that).

For anyone who has found herself hitting a wedding solo, Meredith Goldstein's The Singles is a charming debut novel--and a thoroughly enjoyable plus one.
–Laura Dave, author of The First Husband and The Divorce Party

Love Letters

Love Letters is a daily dispatch of advice for the lovelorn that runs Monday to Friday on Boston.com, and in the print edition of The Boston Globe on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Meredith offers her advice to letter writers, as do a pack of often-witty and wise commenters.

A book inspired by the column is due out in 2018.

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The Leslie Goldstein Scholarship

My beautiful and incredible mom, who passed away from colorectal cancer in 2013, was an excellent piano teacher. She taught for more than thirty years, and her kids – many of whom she knew for decades – were a huge part of her life.

My mom always wished more people had access to good music and a musical education. She didn’t have much disposable income, but before she passed away, she set up a scholarship in her name through the Baltimore Community Foundation.

The money pays for music lessons for kids in Baltimore. If you want to learn more, please visit the Baltimore Community Foundation.

Also, if you’re a former student of my mom’s, know that she cared about you very much. (You’re welcome to reach out to me with any questions.)

She’d also like you to keep practicing, and, at the very least, to see live music whenever possible. I know this because she told me so.

– Meredith